Our Team

Arron GibsonArron Gibson
President & Senior Technical Officer

[email protected] | 1-888-646-3689 x 1

Arron Gibson’s passion for web design developed while enrolled in Ryerson University’s New Media program. In 2006, he created Infinity Media Services, a new media company with a focus on web design and development.

Thanks to his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Arron’s expertise spans many areas of web development, making him a sort of Renaissance Man in his field. Whether it be HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, MySQL, or any other number of areas, Arron not only knows a great deal, but it always willing to explain things to those interested.



Kelley WeeksKelley Gibson
Office Manager / Junior Developer

[email protected] | 1-888-646-3689 x 2100

After joining the IMS team as our Office Manager in 2009, Kelley found herself taking on more developer duties as she quickly and adeptly honed her web development skills. While Kelley’s most notable strengths lie in HTML, CSS and project management and coordination, she continues to strive to refine her skills in other web development areas, such as jQuery/Javascript and PHP.

Kelley’s intuitive, detail-oriented and enthusiastic nature make her an excellent project lead and point-of-contact.

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Jennifer MyersJennifer Myers
Lead Designer

[email protected] | 1-888-646-3689 x 2200

Jennifer is an art director/web designer based in Toronto. She primarily works with Shaw Media on some of Canada’s largest broadcast brands and blogs for Food Network Canada and HGTV.ca.

Jennifer is passionate about creating unique and beautiful websites for her clients. Working as creative director and sometimes designer, she provides full scale redesigns & development, web consulting and branding services. Jennifer enjoys interpreting a brief and collaborating to find effective solutions.

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